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Monday, July 6, 2009
TODAY YOUTH DAY AND WE ARE IN STUDYING IN SCH! SIMI LAN! HAHA. today went to find lian hua with jia ye to study el tech. EASY ONLY. =X after tat went to meet quan, JIAJIA and FELICIA den wait for yang, Km and Ak. brought the NEW POLY GIRL to our sch library. After tat took 52 back to amk for dinner. funny bus driver. LOLL! dinner den pingpong and bus-ed home. tire only!

Friday, June 26, 2009
OK. 10 years nv blog alr. come here clear some spider web. LOL. lazy blog na. u know. okok, dig out all the photos taken during june. quite alot. some don rmb the date jux put ONEH.

went flyer with esther, jas and WT. so fun. hahas. but 30 min nia. hahas. =)

5A gathering at vivo. shun bian celebrate junhao, gavin and my birthday. too bad gavin not here.

k BOX! actually going butt fac but bui pua stunt, so k box lor. lucky nv go. H1N1. LOL!

KOON BIRTHDAY! drinking at bui's aunty pub. i tink abit gay. LOL


Saturday, May 30, 2009
ok got thingss to blog alr. LOL. today lesson passes very fast. ECpro end at 11am. 2 hours break again. went lunch at Makan Place, after tat 2 hours EG1 lesson. me and jia ye wan pon Siew Hong lesson de leh. den so suay on our way to busstop saw her. fated. -,- BLACK LIST ME LOR. COME ONLY. LOL. end up stone at her lesson. took 52 back home with Daryl, JY and YY. suddenly SAB jio me for DINNER. SWEE. so long nv see her alr. hahas. met her at amk hub. Saw WT too!! omg! miss her so much. hub jitao so crowded, suar train-ed to bishan. Had pepper lunch. after tat went sab house there de voiddeck. took photo chated while waiting for her mum come back. 10 went to 133 meet yang they all. ghim got CAR today! so we had supper Newton Circle. after tat sat donny bike back to Segrangoon, jux reached home nia. tired. THANK GHIM AND DONNY AND JUN YANG'S HELM. =)





Monday, May 11, 2009
HAPPY MOTHER DAY! but mama not in Sg. jux came back from JB. Today went vivo for project with my CAT group. discuss until 4pm, walked around. after tat met jie at raffle city for dinner. treat me sushi teh! super nice, and we took 20 min to finish all the food and we left. FAST. train-ed to tempines. bought polo t and shirt at UNI QLO. after went star buck! song. happy. =) U ALWAYS TINK I AM USLESS....... TINK TAT I MAKE THIS FAMILY FEN OR WAD.... TINK TAT I LIE TO U EVERYTIME...... I CAN TELL U TAT ALL THE LIES THAT I TELL U IS TO JUX LET U DON GET HURT..... I HAD BEEN THE MIDDDLE FOR FUCKING 4 YERS.... U TINK I FEEL GOOD AND U KNOW HOW I FEEL...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
OK i'm NOW FUCKING TIRE! zzzzzz.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
a quick post. slping soon. today after sch met quan and jon goNYP find bui. had lunch there. nice and cheap. after tat SL came and drive us to RP. SAW SAB!!! OMG! ok nvm. hahas. meeting her again soon. hohoho. after tat took bus home. SADU LOKO! LOL. OK BYE!

Monday, April 27, 2009
had vball for SW today. quite fun, but tired. -,- CATS lesson was fun. After school met AK and km. saw donny outside library. chatted for awhile. saw jiaye cloeen walk pass. about 1pm went to take bus to 724, saw jiaye agian at busstop. after lunch went amk hub, saw JIAYE AGAIN!! LOL. jon and Hs joined me. AK KM went back home. me and jon went bui house slack. ghim ask us pei him at 133 kpt, slacked... ZD came. jitao went 134 play Bball. this time without JUNJIE. haha. evening went CCK met TW! walked around after awhile sent her back home. reached home at about 9pm. using com now! LOL. tmr going NYP MEET GHIM AND BUI! HOHOHO! ok go liao. BYE!

Sunday, April 26, 2009
finally WEEKEND! friday donny sent me to sch and back to amk. night, met bui they all for dinner at 133. after tat zhe and sheldon came over. ji tao suddenly 2 uncle drunk den fight FIERCE. all blood over their shirt. police came after awhile. super scary. LOL. after tat sheldon sent me home. tat day jitao thanks to my sister's helm. HOHOHO. SAT woke up at 4pm. use com until 7pm, went Tempines met junjie for dinner. the T1 mall super big. and guess who i saw! Jay Fan No. 2!! SO QIAO! hahahas. after tat went WY house watch soccer, K.O -,-'"" sunday as usually meet father have dinner, bought 1 nike short for SW. SIAN. need to wake up at 6am. -,- go slp le. BYE!

Thursday, April 23, 2009
FINALLY FINISHED MY HOMEWORK! HAPPY HAPPY! sch is so fun, i tink today ba. last 2 days was like no one know each other all diam diam. today was like all took out laptop played, despo for DOTA. LOL. this few days had lunch with jing da, he like know the whole NP ppl. LOL. don know wad to write alr, sibei tire. bye !

Sunday, April 19, 2009
got things to post liao. hohoho. today went movie with Jay Fan No. 2, thanks to Christine. LOL. long story. watched TAKEN. super nice. and i ******* swear wont sent let my daughter go Paris. LOL. after movie went to mac find christine and her cousins. after awhile jiu took mrt back. went ah ma house as usual, dinner tv, i doze off jux now, too tire alr. SIANNN TMR SCH. -,- go slp le la. ah bo late. BYE!

JAY~! <3

this den cute ma! LOL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
ok since after came back from taiwan, sent pei off sg, matt bday party, yi lin bday chalet. den got a few days go back school. kns go back 2 time. -,- if not jiu amk slack or stay at home camp in front of the computer. this NO LIFE life gonna end because SCH IS STARTING SOON! omg! NGEE ANN! wo lai le! hohohoho. don know wd to write le la. lazy post picture.

Monday, March 30, 2009
jux came back from taiwan. imba fun! everyday slp eat shop slp eat shop! the food there no need to say. cloths price quite cheap compare to Sg. ppl over there are friendly, introduce us to those shopping places and street foods. AND THEIR IMBA CLUB! OMG is fucking FUN! seriously spent too much days over there. last 3 days nth to do, nua inside hotel watch tv, midnight go eat. the day went we go shilin sibei funny. afternoon nth to do so anyhow walk, den walk to 1 high school. saw two 16 years old school girls walk pass. go di siao them ask them how to go shilin( but actually we know how to go, CAB IS CHEAP. LOL) starting we were like fooling around, don expect them to bring us go, suddenly they came to approach us say bring us to the mrt station. end up we all took bus and train to shilin. hahahas. super fuuny! THE 2 MEIMEI REALLY VERY CUTE! overall it was a fun trip, 1st time go oversea without adult. only got our tourguide buibui, kpkb xw wy and ME ~

Saturday, March 21, 2009
JUX PACKED FINISH! hohohoho. so excited man. WIL MISS U DE =)

Friday, March 20, 2009
met joanna this afternoon. jux nice she meeting her frenz at hougang shun bian meet lor. evening went to bishan had movie with xiao wei. we watch Paul Blart:mall Cop, funny dao lan. hahahas. after movie dinner with her jiu go home. this week really nth to do. no night life. tmr meeting jenny,yj and her cousin go sentosa after tat meet bui take flight ticket. hohoho. =)

today so tire. coaching at Junuyan secondary. don know wad sch lai de. some place in tempines. after tat went to 133 find bui they all. kns still cant. -,- du lan. jux now web camming with JENNY TOH XIN YU! sibei funny. hahas. meeting her this sat. hohohoho.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
GRAT buibui team went into top 8th unfortunately they lost to YJC. relax la. no need sad de. learn from mistake. improve alot alr. haha. after tournament we all went to Hong Kong Cafe for dinner. do many stupid things. super funny. lol. on the way home still lame around. haha. AK promoting his paper laptops. LOL. tmr meeting WY at 9am. pei him go take his passport. kns titi tu. -,-" going slp soon. =)

pau hp took de. =)

Monday, March 16, 2009
woke up at 11.30, saw jiejie. she came back took something and shun bian return my cam. wanted to go NP buy laptop, but yang cannot make it so change to tmr. afternoon bui suddenly jio me go eat sakea sushi. NOBODY online how to eat sia. 2 person only like too romantic. LOL. today end up nua at home watch 蜡笔小新 again. cannot stop laughing. hahas. don know y today so tire. wake up too early. i shall stop here, don know wad to write. bye =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009
ytd went to AMKSIAN family day. say fun also not so fun, say boring also not so boring. don know la. du lan. don say le. like ga lan alot. only took photo with ling hui. hahas. after tat went to IT fair. seriously go there = waste time. -,- so crowded. can't even see anything. zzzz. 4 plus went for lunch den took mrt to somerset. guess WAD. i saw my gay partern. jiewei. hahas. si bei funny. took photo with him. night met ghim wq they all. watched soccer at 133 kpt. liverpool 4 1. omg. hahas. mid ngiht ton at wy house watched soccer again. slp like 1 hour go back home bath den went to FUNAN. they won. pei they all got 3rd placing for BS zai. si bei tire. sry cannot go ZOUK. TMR BUYING LAPTOP !! i go slp le BYE!


pain la! hahas


Friday, March 13, 2009
siao liao. woke up at 7pm. zzz how to slp early later. zzz cannot late tmr.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! jux reached home from boat quay. celebrated jon bday there. went to jy's frenz pub. forget their name. LOL. know some frenzly ppl there. joined them drinking. 1 guy si bei gao lim. siao kia. he inviting us to his bday next friday. drinking again. -,-. it was fun and enjoyable. hahas. maybe going drinking again this sat. hohoho. ok stop here. go slp le. BYE ~

Sunday, March 1, 2009
now blogging at WY house. watching soccer with them. NB. liverpool lost -,- today met junjie they all played bball at amkcc. kns. raining the whole day. can't play at all de lor. after tat went to hub catch moive, show start at 7.30 so we walked around amk hub. yang and me looking for new hp. yes la. april can change new handphone alr. hohoho. 6plus went to 724 for dinner after tat return back to hub. collected the spare phone from sharon, thanks man. =) imba the moive, role models. funny like fcuk. LOLL. movie end at about 9pm. took 136 with junjie, ashwin and melvin. btw junjie at wy too. hahas. jux came back from supper, walk so long sia. now all looked so slpy. 2nd half starting soon. ok stop here. bYE! =)

Friday, February 27, 2009
SIANNNNNN! really nth to do. everyday eat, use computer, slp ah bo jiu shi eat, ton frenz, slp again. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. faster sch open leh! zzzz. wait wait. things to do tmr.
-meet junjie they all play bball at 2pm.
- go nokia shop repair my phone. -,-
- buy prepaid sim card. my bill ji tao is cui.
need to slp early today. if not over slp again. hohoho.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
i'm back. jux wake up. swee man. van jux called me say that PAY is READY! hohoho. but she pass to yang. 800 DOLLARS! finally man. ytd went out with jenny. watching Benjamin Button at The Cathy. 2 hours ++ movie. very interesting and touching. hohoho. walk back to orchard took mrt. den pei her walk home. so qiao saw Alvin. hahas. chat awhile lor. after tat cab back home. wash up use com until 6am, recieved junie sms say he at my house downstair so went down pei him. went to mac for breakfast den chat for quite long. looking at uniform mei mei. now see student wearing uniform really wan laugh. don know y. LOL.

jen =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
wah kao la. y this feeling again. zzzz. I DON LIKE LA!

Monday, February 9, 2009
ok i'm back with my blogging. maybe just one post. nth special in this CNY. all the bai nians, gambling and ang baos. nonono. Actually this year is the most special one leh. i get to play from cu yi to shi wu, no sch wad. LOL. so fast CNY over. now shi wu alr. went matt house ytd. reached there at 10pm. KnS. reach there haven 30min jiu drink 12 shots. thanks to matt frenz. don know call wad name. kiam seh. LOL. lucky nv hang over. hohoho. most ppl went back home at 6am. left with me Bh and Hs and matt's frenz slping in the guest room. woke up at 11. saw them in the living room, chatted awhile den went to prata place had breakfast. cab back home after tat. stop here. going meet wy soon. =)

sab and jas. kns reach there like 20 min jiu leave alr. LOL

Saturday, January 24, 2009
ITS THE END! HOHOHO! no working alr! go back to my owl life! yes la. jux came back from town. went shopping with fab. bought 1 more t shirt again. $59. LOL. tat bastard bought a $130+ jeans. lucky he nv buy tat $295. siao kia. but really the cutting and design is worth it for tat price. CNY LE ! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE IN ADVANCE! =))

Friday, January 23, 2009
jux reached home. met k liang today, chatted with him. hahas. meet him soon. =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
HOHOHO! $314. hahas 3 more days only!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009
SHOPPING SPREE! went shopping with yang and ghim for CNY cloths and also for poly de la. hahas. 1.30pm met them at orchard mrt ststion. 1st we went fareast ZENIZ, ghim's frenz shop. haha got discount. hohoho. bought 1 berm and red formal for cu yi. after tat went to 3rd floor de PRAISE. 30% discount so bought 1 blue and yellow t shirt. hohoho! after tat went paragon de AX pei ghim make his belt. sian man. don have the design i want. last station went Heeren flesh imp! tiao there for 45min. hahas. bought my 15th and 16th flesh imp t shirt. hahas. we all spent about $300. free 2 membership, 20 dollars voucher and 2 lanyard. we use the voucher to buy 1 more lanyard for yang. all become super flesh imp fans alr. LOL. before we go back work, yang went back ZENIZ buy his formal. ghim nv go work today. pei quan finish thier shopping. wah sian tmr come 200 carton. zzzz. stop here. BYE ! night =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009
today spot check, all area manager soon-ing all stations. imba make me stay at station for 10 hours. -,- anyway today customer also a lot. all come ban nian huo. saw 1 girl girl very cute, i tink 8 years old only. she very polite. thursday she came, i helped carry the drink the the cashier, after tat she run back to my place say thank to me . so cute. today she came again. say hi to me! hahas. if she come again i sure take photo with her. hahas. today sale i tink alot. hahas. happy. =) ren 7 more days jiu can rest le. hohohoho.

Friday, January 16, 2009
jux finished submit the JAE thingy, si bei sian. zzz lazy blog alr.